Hamax Technology

Thread Rolling Processing

Rolling Thread ProcessingHamax's Thread Rolling Machine performs stable production performance and enables us to provide our customers various size of products.
Our goal is to be a global leader corporation who can introduce the latest thread rolling processing technology and we reinforce our technology development department to challenge the processing using high strength materials that is believed to be difficult to process generally. By reflecting material valuation technology to the process, we target to be a only one company who can provide most update and efficient thread rolling processing technology for high strength materials.

[Differences between Thread Rolling and Cutting Thread]
- Short processing time
- Save material
- High product quality with smooth surface
- Uniformed finishing length
- Improved in mechanical properties such as tensile strength, surface strength and exhaust.

- Max Thread Rolling Dia: M300

Special Shaft Processing

Special Shaft ProcessingHamax CNC controlled lathe and manually operated machines have a wide range of sizes, center distances, and specification variations which is ideal for shaft workspaces. Hamax developed our own large long lathe machine to provide any special size of products.

- Max Turning Dia: 300mm
- Max Turning Length: 12,000mm
- L/D 50

Special Forging

Special ForgingWe equip small-medium-large size of friction press all total of 6 machines. We can produce Hex and Socket Head Bolts bolt and other various shape of forging products. Our forging products are produced by hydraulic press system and excel in high tensile, toughness, strength, corrosion resistance, abrasion residence, strong against for both high and low temperature.
Our forging products are used by various customers in all industrial fields such as shipbuilding, bridge construction, power generation, heavy machine, chemical industries.

- Large: Max Dia 120mm, Max Length 750mm
- Medium: Max Dia 75mm, Max Length 1,500mm
- Small: Max Dia 36mm, Max Length 800mm

Multi-Axis Machining

Multi-Axis MachiningOur high level multi-axis machining technology makes continuous process from material to finished product possible and we guarantee superior in accuracy and quality. Trying our daily effort to shorten delivery term to our customers.

- Max Turning Dia: 300mm
- Max Turning Length: 2,000mm

Laser Processing

Laser Processing That it should correspond to the new needs of metal-working, we introduced the 3-dimensional laser processing machine, and advanced to high precision and the high precision board processing field.
- Possible to aluminum cutting processing of wire cut fraise processing at a laser cut.
- Metal is equivalent to glass, ceramics, a plastic, acrylics, rubber, wood, etc.
- It corresponds to the needs of a variety and quantity production by metal reduction.
- Possible (in a cutting plane with few cracks) by the work fixed formula.
- Even a thick board can be cut free from a super-thin board.
- Possible to a surface treatment steel plate and a stainless steel board, Dolores cutting.
- The defect of welding quality is prevented.
- The trimming of a press cast and additional processing are easy.
Precision Machining 1 Precision Machining 2 SS400 SUS304
Precision Machining 1 Precision Machining 2 SS400 (16mm) SUS304 (16mm)
Steel Frame Processing OA Apparatus Parts Acrylics Processing Wood Processing
Steel Frame Processing OA Apparatus Parts Acrylics Processing Wood Processing